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Martin International Corporation and Salmon Brands A/S have joined forces to introduce Black Pearl / SALMA™ fresh
Norwegian salmon sushi loins.

The finest superior grade Norwegian salmon is processed (pre-rigor) under a unique (patent pending) system utilizing state-of-the-art technology which yields a vacuum sealed, skinless, boneless, 100% useable salmon loin – less than 4 hours from harvest.

The high speed process preserves unrivaled freshness, texture and color while capturing the sweet and clean flavor only found in the finest superior grade product.

The ultra-fast (sub 4 hour) processing line is maintained in a controlled environment which ensures a constant temperature of less than 4 C/39 F which maintains freshness and low bacteria counts.

Produced under rigorous dairy-grade hygienic conditions, Black Pearl / SALMA™ sushi loins are guaranteed* to have bacteria counts under 2000 cfu/gm (with an average under 500 cfu/gm); approximately 100 -1000 times lower than counts typically found on the surfaces of fresh fish fillets.**

The unparalleled freshness and the convenience of a 100% useable (zero yield loss) sushi loin is preserved by a unique foil and poly vacuum sealed package with an extended shelf life of 9 days (post production) creating flexibility to freeze and refresh without the concern of freezer burn, desiccation or degradation.

In addition to these product features is the application of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) technology which analyzes each loin for pigment concentration and fat content. This innovative technology, developed through a partnership between Salmon Brands A/S and QVision Technology, provides precise fat content (grams) and pigment concentration (expressed in the Roche scale) on the label of each and every individual loin that is unique to the Black Pearl / SALMA™ product line.

Black Pearl / SALMA™ sushi loins combine high-technology with the finest, superior grade genuine Norwegian salmon to produce a super-fresh, super-clean and ultra-convenient product.

* Guaranteed by SALMA Brands A/S (ex-plant).
** Based on average APC counts found on fresh salmon fillets analyzed by Martin International Corporation.

  • Fresh vacuum sealed, skinless, boneless salmon tenderloins

  • Nine day post production shelf-life

  • Pre-rigor harvest, processing and packing – in less than 4 hours

  • 100% useable, no waste no yield loss

  • Packed 18 or 36 loins per master case

  • Freeze and refresh without desiccation or burn

  • Super-hygienic processing yielding ultra-low bacteria counts

  • Convenience, consistency and superior grade

  • Each individual loin analyzed and labeled for fat and pigment content

  • Superior taste, texture and color

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