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Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon are the result of almost a decade of development and cooperation by a team of hatcheries, feed producers and artisan farmers dedicated to the establishment and promotion of organic principals and standards in aquaculture.

The UK has established the benchmark for organic aquaculture, with environmental
and ecological considerations that meet or exceed the most stringent standards anywhere in the world.

Raised in the clear, clean waters surrounding the archipelagic Shetland Islands; 200 miles off shore, far removed from industrial and residential population center; using small-batch, low density farming techniques; we have eliminated the use of antibiotics, synthesized pigments, and chemical antifouling agents.

The Shetland Islands are situated in an ideal location for sustainable certified Organic aquaculture with their remote locale at the juncture of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

This pristine region boasts crystal clear water and is home to five bird sanctuaries located in the vast undisturbed natural setting that characterizes the area. The Shetland Islands were amongst the first to develop aquaculture recognized and certified for organic fishery production which also includes Black Pearl Certified Organic Cod and Shetland Silver Trout.

Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon are fed certified organic feed containing organic wheat and full-fat soy, combined with sustainable fish proteins, providing nutritional, ecological and conservational benefits that create a feed regimen as close to that found in Nature, with the additional feature of purity and control.

Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon are raised at a stocking density of less than 10 kg per cubic meter of water; minimizing environmental impact and providing the salmon population with a living environment that reduces stress and promotes healthy growth and freedom to thrive.

Regularly monitored by accredited independent laboratories, Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon consistently demonstrate elevated Omega-3 fatty acid profiles and the reduction of environmental contaminants well below Federal guidelines.

Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon and the dedicated processing facilities are certified by Naturland and The Organic Food Federation; licensed by DEFRA (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). These independent certifiers audit feed purity, husbandry practices and monitor the environmental impact of each site. Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon are raised within the guidelines set forth by Freedom Foods of the Royal Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which monitors Inter-
national animal welfare issues.

Black Pearl Shetland Atlantic Salmon have been recognized by leading food and wine magazines as “clearly superior” in head-to-head taste tests against many other farmed and some wild salmon products. The buttery sweet taste makes Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon ideal for sushi and smoking where the distinctive flavors are fully expressed.

Black Pearl Shetland Organic Salmon; no more than Mother nature intended, no less than Mother nature provides.

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